Here is the quote:

“We’ve worked hard at for more than a year building, testing, and reinventing our approach to genetic genealogy,” said Tim Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of “We think AncestryDNA has created a unique and engaging experience that will provide existing subscribers with an entirely new way to make amazing discoveries about their family history. We are excited to be making AncestryDNA available to loyal subscribers first…but we look forward to eventually opening up this service to everyone. We think it will allow us to extend our mission to help people discover, preserve, and share their family history to an even greater audience.”


Full article attached a service with screen of 700k markers analyses a person’s genome at over 700,000 marker locations, cross referencing an extensive worldwide DNA database.

UK Updates awaited folks but this is the heads-up for a news update. Here is the full release care of Standard Examiner with thanks click here


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