If you are contemplating the sub-£200 Tablet then you ideally want to consider around a 7″ screen. But before you make the leap of faith hold steady before you make your choice. There are 3 main players to consider, Google  Nexus 7, Kindle Fire New Range including the new HD Model and the surely soon to be announced Ipad Mini …so what to do?

Is the upgraded Kindle Range now on Fire and Right for You
Do you know which model is best for your needs?

Well hold steady state as we will be looking at the real pros and cons with out Technology Team and giving some candid views for those of us with an interest in Family History Research and All the Other Usual Apps we all love to have add and upgrade over time…The Kindle Fire is new, Google Nexus 7 is an Asus by another name, the Ipad Mini is eagerly anticipated,the major players have vastly changed the line-up and pricing, so hold-on for our free PDF Guide due before the end of the month, Release Date Due for 28th September.

As you may know we are  avid Ereader and tablet users, but much has changed and with out tech team we want to give you all in an easy to read and use format our update on the new and emerging models in the 7″ market. Combined with the start of 4G roll-out it is well worth taking a good look at the market before you rush in and buy, so hold the horses if you, but at least ensure the full reviews and time for the cons as well as the pros can be considered before you hit that Buy it Now Button.

  • New Kindles (Fire Models)  not available until October, but the UK release is there now, the original Fire was supposed to ship in March but there has been substantial revision and improvement to the product line. See here for the Amazon Ereader and Kindle Fire Overview
  • Apple Mini Release Date Not Yet Announced or Offcially Acknowledged as in the Pipeline
  • Google’s Nexus 7 available from Google and a Badged Samsung Product, from £159…

But can you wait for a definitive view of the latest niche and episode in The Tablet Wars…Good things come in little packages the best currently available in the 7 inch market and our PDF Guide for Family local Social and Special Interest Historians. Just Contact Us if you would like to be mailed as our Free PDF Guide is Released on 28th September 2012 or before…

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