If you are interested in Intriguing History, Mapping and Data Visualisation?  Don’t miss the chance to catch this opportunity to watch this video with the men with the vision from the University of California, Berkeley  to make it happen.

“Professor Walter Alvarez & Researcher Roland Saekow talking about  Big History unifying the study of all of the past, bringing together the history of the cosmos, earth, life, and humanity. Visualizing and comprehending the past 13.7 billion years has become one of the greatest challenges for Big History. ”

The Professor in HD Video is introducing the concept of ChronoZoom don’t miss it…

ChronoZoom Cal Day 2011 Presentation from Big History on Vimeo.

See related articles on Intriguing Visuals and Mapping  in our Intriguing Resources collections… Watch out also for articles forthcoming on Spatial History.

All of these fascinating projects have insights and approaches that are applicable to all History Projects and your itnerests and we are going to seek them out and investigate with you how we can apply them.

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