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Another Medieval woman of some count was Hodierna, wet nurse to King Richard 1 and mother of the scientist and theologian Alexander Neckham more

Eleanor of Aquitaine was the most powerful and rich women in northern Europe in the early Medieval period but what were her motivations that turned her from king to king and that made her reject one son in favour of another? more

What is the connection between London ragamuffin children and Dr Livingstone in Africa? A very talented Victorian neoclassical artist Dorothy Tennant. more

Share, Connect, Collaborate and build your knowledge base. Learn and share with others interested iny our subject how to do this easily and securely with the materials to take forward what you learn and experience at your workshop in your Homework pack, available for a half day or 1 day flying start. It’s easy once you know how… more

Maps,antique, modern and customised are a key device for examining and analysing the evidence, facts conundrums and brick walls you may encounter as you seek to research and explore the subject of your history project. Here you can find out how you can become your own historic cartographer creating your own powerful online maps in a workshop environment for like-minded people. You can be certain of a fun interactive and intriguing opportunity, find out more… more

What use is a 7″ and which do you choose and why not just gor the Ipad, The Kindle range is expanding, Google have their own product and what about the Ipad Mini…? Do you really want to spend twice the amount for a screen that is just 3 inches larger and not so convenient to put in your bag…Find out whats happening and how you can register for our forthcoming guide to the 7″ Tablet Wars, an easy to download read and use Guide designed for Historians… more

Are there skeletons in your cupboard with right royal connections? Was a place or person of noble or royal birth? Can you trace your family tree back to the Plantagenet bloodlines? Take a look at some of the ways you can explore this online and at the same time glean a few insight into the origins of the Plantagenet and Angevin dynasties to add a little colour and perspective to your history project. more

Use forenames in family history research to provide new clues and insights, to help break down those brickwalls that we all meet in our research more

Do you want to use the best FREE tools for the job of managing saving curating collecting and organising lots of data and disparate resources? Whatever your history project, the net and some great tools are there to help you. Toss out the overwhelming bookmarks and make way for something completely different…. more

The linear nature of family trees can sometimes constrain us in the way we view the data that we have collected. A system of collecting, curating and geo-mapping data can reveal clusters and patterns not seen before and reveal new connections. more

Collecting and curating data will become an increasing problem to family historians as more and more records become available online. The problem for those of us undertaking a one name study, especially a more common name is even greater. So how do we resolve this problem? more

Secret History of our Streets over 125 years BBC iPlayer

Booth’s 17 year study and survey of Poverty in London produced a ground-breaking set of revelations some 120 years later using 6 archetypal streets what has changed, what has not and why is the subject of this new excellent BBC Series. Ideal for anyone with family social and local history interests whether your subject is London and these streets or not. A collaboration between the BBC and OpenLearn from the OU coinciding with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics some interesting observations, do we ever learn? more

Have you spotted new capabilities quietly released into your version of Google+? See article and pic for the one we have noticed today in May 2012…. more

Fabulous example of how to do it all better. An ancient text rediscovered, new human knowledge revealed and all the data and joy from the discovery share and open with a Creative Commons Licence across the internet. Short 14 mins 50 secs video the future of digital research humanities and a sprinkling of the application of some pretty amazing science as well. more

Ancient Roman Peutinger’s Map of the World in BBC Story of Britain

Roman Masterpiece Map the only one from this ancient period to survive,(transcribed as a medieval copy, referenced and featured as a copy in BBC History of Britain here you can access the full maps on line and get access to exploring the map in detail. It’s a great resource got ot be worth spening a little valuable leisure time on… more

Don’t Miss it BBC Great British Story a People’s History

Dont miss an intriguing tour 8 episodes of 1 hour the first on early history is on I Player for 4 weeks. Michael Wood’s wonder and passion for sharing this across various community based history projects and connections is quite compelling viewing…take a look more

Medieval Names 1450-1600

Medieval Names 1450-1600

A look at a website drawing together a list of Medieval names, fascinating for the family historian

Human Genetics and Genomics: The Science for the 21st Century

Human Genetics and Genomics: The Science for the 21st Century

A science spin for family historians looking at the next steps for the human genome project.

Interactive Map of Isabella Bird Explorer

Interactive Map of Isabella Bird Explorer

Interactive mapping for local, social or family history projects can be easily learnt using our tool kits. Explore history through interactive maps