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Great Presentation visual tools to communicate complex ideas and narrative in history

See this good example of just using google and images with simple captions to narrate a history project and projection of the future. Here is the challenge can looking at your history through the images of say a dozen objects attract new interest, communicate effectively, make new connections integrate with maps and timelines and with these new and intriguing connections can you gain some new insights? well worth a look tools tipsan technques to adapt for you and your history project. more

The great thing about new technology is not always about the technology itself, it’s also the applications that can be found for it. Facial recognition software, used to identify criminals, is going to be applied to historic portrait paintings. Who are the sitters for paintings such as Vermeer’s ‘Girl with The Pearl Earring’ or Leonardo’s… more

How do family historians sort out the gold nuggets from the fools gold? Primary, secondary source material and family history more

So yep you heard you can multi-video call within Google+ for free , which costs on Skype but did you know you can host and stream your hangout live to Youtube too. It’s fresh out of beta and invite only, so now why not try it, see demo video herein and links for industry review and Google How to and give it a go more

The Scream Auction at Sothebys becomes an Artefact on YouTube Forever?

Munch sale captured on YouTube, art history and business in the making, digital transience what will happen to our archives, the equal and opposing forces of clamour for open data and archives and the need to profit to fund invention creativity and innovation. How can you secure your future archives and can we achieve a better balance, inspired by a 12 minute YouTube Moment… more

The protection of ideas yields new important collections: Steve Jobs Patent artefacts @ Smithosonian

Steve Jobs honoured with Smithsonian Patent exhibition, what is the significance and resonance with you and your history project….what were the historic origins of intellectual property, copyright and licensing designs, so much of industry still relies on this protection what will happen going forward in an open world where everyone has access to the same knowledge, the start of a series of articles…. more

News: Ancestry launches new DNA Service see details with over 700,000 marker locations…ideal for family historians…tell us what you think when you have seen the update you can read here… more

Historical texts have long been the subject of critical analysis from the writings of the Venerable Bede to the latest releases from the National Archives. Maps too have been analyzed in great depth. We explore what they can  reveal to us about the world in which they were created, from the Mappa Mundi, through the… more

How can you build your own personal online art collection and maybe find some new and intriguing resources and information to enjoy and inform the research for your history project!. Automating some legwork sure worked for me, it is a bit like fishing you need to be patient but it yields results and does much more searching than you could do manually, take a look at the Painting I found for my One Name Study. more

Derived data from historical census material can open up a whole new avenue of research for family historians. The US Immigration Explorer gives an interesting perspective on foreign born individuals from 1880 to 2000 more

Research for your project, easily, quickly and share the results, an interesting new tool with Tech Savvy Supporters, well worth a look more

Videostreaming interactive chats for your historic debates and presentations #GOONS2012

Great service Livestream applied at the Guild of one-Name Studies #GOON2012 conference, find how it is done… more

Ancestry’s Genealogy Mobile Apps Update Video for family history and more…

Ancestry Android Iphone and Ipad where are they at and what are they doing, a video update and some resources to explore as alternatives Take a look at MyHeritage Ancestry BillionGraves and a great tool called Evernotes. Anytime anywhere its just great… more

Open and Linked Data, Google and seamless structured query search between websites, apps and search engines…some Google extensions and an update on RootsTech from Louisa @GenealogyGems, check out the videos and update here… more

ChronoZoom Project Big History Big Data

History of the Universe, Earth History and Microsoft backed ChronoZoom intriguing history and IT for historians as good as it currently gets, take a look Videos and links… more

Open Data, Linked Data accessible to all and able to be shared analysed and used by us all. Listen to short video from the excellent Nigel Shadbolt and you will soon see why this is relevant and important for anyone interested in history as well as just about every other aspect of life. This is not just blue sky thinking, it’s happening here and now and there are opportunities tog et involved…now more

Medieval Names 1450-1600

Medieval Names 1450-1600

A look at a website drawing together a list of Medieval names, fascinating for the family historian

Human Genetics and Genomics: The Science for the 21st Century

Human Genetics and Genomics: The Science for the 21st Century

A science spin for family historians looking at the next steps for the human genome project.

Interactive Map of Isabella Bird Explorer

Interactive Map of Isabella Bird Explorer

Interactive mapping for local, social or family history projects can be easily learnt using our tool kits. Explore history through interactive maps