Google has maintained it has a whole bag of tricks it will be releasing into the Google+ environment in the months ahead. Just spotted a new one on us, Google+ goes Local. Integrating with Google Places, looks-up what is around you and lists it like it would on your mobile device, whether Android or laptop Places and Location based content can be filtered so easily. Early days but give it a try and use it on your Android or similar when out and about. Just a quick snippet.

Useful if you are out and about.

  • When taking pictures using your mobile device worth having Location aware switched on, that way the Long,Lat co-ordinates can be recorded in the Meta data for your pictures, very handy when curating and posting your photographs later.
  • Switch your Android Phone Pics to auto load to Google+ Photos  (suggest default to only accessible to you) directly, saves all that drag and drop from the card, backs-up your picks virtually instantly and means you can then curate and organise into albums, if location switched on the pictures will also be automatically mapped. You control who sees them but its a neat time saver and another capability in Google+
  • Have you Got Google+ as a free App installed on your Android? It is free. Get it from Google Play.

Have you seen it?

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