We all find good resources and we all duplicate searching for them, why? In forthcoming versions we will be providing specific feeds and connections than you can register to subscribe to.

Here is a start of our Archives and Collections. You can search by key words or browse and navigate via our links and menus, whatever suits you best. Our excerpt summary is just that and if you click for more information we aim to give you a little insight into how as well as why we have found the particular resource helpful

In the next column you can see a range of Intriguing Resources we are gradually building to help you and your history project, our scope includes family, local,social special interest and wider history, across a range of historical themes, which you can also browse and select from.

You can also submit your ideas for additional and we will look to share them across our themes. Any resource which has a particular and geographic location will also be included on our Intriguing History web application.

Our aim is to share the best of what we find and to organise and collate these resources at a deeper level than just the home page.

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