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A range of resources and services providing ideas and inspiration, tools tips and techniques, to help you research, develop and take forward your history project. Choose from our on page menus to easily browse select and navigate your way to exploring some new and intriguing connections for you and your history project.
Articles and archives as a catalogue of where you can gain some deeper insights, to help you and your history project. For family history, genealogy, local social and wider history subjects. Entries include specialist archives, records, transcriptions , where possible linked to additional related tools tips and techniques.

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Family History and Evernote

Family History and Dropbox

Family History and Cloud Computing

Find resources relevant the UK Historic County, counties and locations within them, including administrative districts, parishes, cities, towns, hamlets, villages and resources specific to them.
How to use the best of IT web and related technology for the purposes of your historic research and online resources. Tools tips and techniques all easy to implement and with detailed help in how to apply for your specific interests and projects.
Most of family research is traceable to around 1750, you are lucky to be sure if you can work back further, so our focus is the Timeline below. On Intriguing History you can find specific years, decades and centuries, here on Intriguing 
How can we better model and visualise complex history data, records and information to better understand what those patterns in the data might reveal…data visualisation, big history and spatial history what do they have to offer…

Mapping Manchester a set of intriguing online resources to help you narrate and gain insight into your own family history... Related posts: Historic Maps of London His[more]

Confucius Family Tree Digitized

The largest family tree in the world, that of the Chinese philosopher Confusius has been digitized. Related posts: Family History Books 40,000 Digitized Books Try this fre[more]

‘Your Paintings’ A Resource for Historians

The ‘art of the possible’, The BBC has announced the public beta launch of a new initiative to bring the UK’s entire collection of oil paintings to the Inter[more]

Build Your Own Historic Timelines

Chronology and the sequence of the events and the relationship and dependencies and connections between them, all very intriguing. Lots of tools say they help you build custom[more]

Share Your Project and Collaborate

Share, Connect, Collaborate and build your knowledge base. Learn and share with others interested iny our subject how to do this easily and securely with the materials to take[more]

Mapping Your History Workshop

Maps,antique, modern and customised are a key device for examining and analysing the evidence, facts conundrums and brick walls you may encounter as you seek to research and e[more]

Hampshire History Project Live at HGS Open Day

HGS Open Day was a lively and engaging event, we were demonstrating this new and evolving project as an example of the tools, resources, techniques and approach we are taking [more]

Take a different approach to getting the most out of your history data, artefacts, objects records and document. Make new and intriguing connections using our ‘How To Guides.’
Get a  new perspective on your family local and special interest history data records and artefacts. Use historic and contemporary maps to zoom in and out of your history project to make new connections and gain new insights. Maps, tools and techniques to compliment our Intriguing History and Connections Apps and web Services.