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Newsworthy notes, snippets and events, as well as keeping you updated on your preferred social networks, we will be posting about Intriguing news and event items here. If you come across something of interest then please send us a contact update. News items inevitably age, don’t we all, so check out the categories we will do our best to highlight the most current and forthcoming.m out of the Historic theme and just tag them as News Archives. You can also checkout our Facebook Page for Intriguing Family History:  a few articles will overlap but majority will be different on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn pages.
Whats happening and intriguing in the news historically speaking...
‘Your Paintings’ A Resource for Historians

The ‘art of the possible’, The BBC has announced the public beta launch of a new initiative to bring the UK’s entire collection of oil paintings to the Internet for the first time. I[more]

Build Your Own Historic Timelines

Chronology and the sequence of the events and the relationship and dependencies and connections between them, all very intriguing. Lots of tools say they help you build custom timelines but after a lo[more]

Share Your Project and Collaborate

Share, Connect, Collaborate and build your knowledge base. Learn and share with others interested iny our subject how to do this easily and securely with the materials to take forward what you learn a[more]

Mapping Your History Workshop

Maps,antique, modern and customised are a key device for examining and analysing the evidence, facts conundrums and brick walls you may encounter as you seek to research and explore the subject of you[more]

Hampshire History Project Live at HGS Open Day

HGS Open Day was a lively and engaging event, we were demonstrating this new and evolving project as an example of the tools, resources, techniques and approach we are taking to our workshops, project[more]

Will the TNA JISC funded Mapping the Blitz Project help those of us that funded it with our hard earn't tax payers money we do hope so.... [more]

Are you thinking about buying a 7 inch Tablet?

What use is a 7" and which do you choose and why not just gor the Ipad, The Kindle range is expanding, Google have their own product and what about the Ipad Mini...? Do you really want to spend twice [more]

Getty Institute Research Portal for Art History

Free and Open Access Unique Portal for Searching Across a Significant library of Online Texts about Art History by the Getty Institute a great resource [more]

Google+ in Uk Gets a New Capability on the dashboard

Have you spotted new capabilities quietly released into your version of Google+? See article and pic for the one we have noticed today in May 2012.... [more]

Don’t Miss it BBC Great British Story a People’s History

Dont miss an intriguing tour 8 episodes of 1 hour the first on early history is on I Player for 4 weeks. Michael Wood's wonder and passion for sharing this across various community based history proje[more]

So yep you heard you can multi-video call within Google+ for free , which costs on Skype but did you know you can host and stream your hangout live to Youtube too. It's fresh out of beta and invite on[more]

Ancestry Map with Photos Interactive from 1940 US Census

Intrigued about Maps and History, here is a new interactive graphic demo from ancestry linking photos to US 1940 census data, sound like History Pin...take a look. [more]