Do you have more than one family tree you are interested in? A particular name and variants you are interested in? Are you trying to work out whether there are connections between various family groups? Do you have a number of disparate and incomplete records you are gradually researching and want to catalogue, map analyse ,comment on and post to google, so others with similar interests might help you find out about the next insight and connection to your family history project?

If you are thinking about or already engaged on such a project then we can help. These very needs were part of our staring point and reason we embarked upon this project. We having used a wide variety of tools and systems over a number of years and found it difficult when wanting something more dynamic and flexible than just the constraints of a single family tree.

We are exploring, how we can help with some new products and services we will launching at WDYTYA Live 2012

People of Northern England Database

People of Northern England Database

The People of Northern England (PONE) database is not new but not much heard about either. This database is of the people in the Northern counties of Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland from the C13th. It is drawn from two types of material, one financial and one legal. The financial material is drawn from the pipe…

History Pin WWI Hub

Use the History Pin WWI Hub to share your WWI project and let others connect with what you are doing. Your project may be large or small but by sharing it, many more people will be able to make links and connections with you.

Small Scale Time Lines

Small scale or local timelines are a super way of gathering masses of data and presenting it in a simple but informative way. Local timelines are also a good way for a whole community to get involved with a local history project.