A fresh examination of the Virginia Pars Map created by John White in the 1580’s has revealed possible evidence of where the ‘Lost Colony’ of Roanoke Island settlers disappeared to .

New technology has enabled researchers to see patches on the map that seem to indicate the presence of a fort, up the Albemarle Sound, at the point of the confluence of the Chowan and Roanoke Rivers.

The map itself was critically important to Sir Walter Raleigh as he gathered investors to his side in his building of the second colony. He needed to convince Queen Elizabeth I to allow him to keep his charter to establish a colony in the New World.

Whatever the outcome of the new investigation of this map, the technology that allowed it’s secrets to be revealed can still only deliver new evidence, it’s interpretation is still in the minds of scholars….

The scholars involved in this particular investigation are the experts from the British Museum and from the First Colony Foundation

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