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How We Can Help:
Explore, discover and reveal your unique perspective on your history project: 
  • Map Your History: visualise your history using powerful interactive maps specific to your history project and area of focus, combine with the multiple dimensions of our Timeline, Historical Themes, Locations, and more…
  • Make New Connections: explore and extend the reach and depth of your project, using our maps and classifications to find new resources and connections between people, places, collections and archives, objects archives and ephemera, events and dates.
  • Gain New Insights: we are actively using these resources tools and techniques to conduct research interactively. The thinking and process working with these intuitive tools enables us to see new patterns and get a multi-dimensional view of your records and historical data. This facilitates new views and perspectives and helps solve puzzles and conundrums, and spot new opportunities to extend and explore further your understanding of your history project. 
Here are some more ways we can help with your history project:
  • Dynamically research and document as you go snippets and documents records and artefacts, objects and document. You can correlate the information with many other sources and records, instantly and at a glance.
  • Collate and curate your own archives online, use our historical themes and classifications just as a starting point and framework, with Intriguing Connections you can customise the categories tags and taxonomies used to suit the specific needs of your project.
  • Map catalogue and visualise your archive instantly to reveal new and intriguing insights. All entries can be geo-coded by simply entering the text address of the location, it really is easy to create dynamic and comprehensive mapped views of connected and disparate data. There is nocomplex set-up or technical mastery required just enter the location and let the software do the rest.
  • Create write and share your narrative of the story of your project: as you discover the story and narrative you can document and revise the narrative to enrich and bring alive the barebones of your historic data, telling the full story and supplementing the facts with links, media and citations where it suits. This can be simple or complex, our help guides and suggested guidelines are there just to provide a starting point.
  • Catalogue and label collections and connections
  • Share and contribute … with directly with your family or via their favourite social networks, discuss and debate with like minded souls and make new connections with groups and individuals who have special knowledge and information to help you on your way…
  • No technical skills required, just basic use of a PC/Mac point click tag write, connect and publish all done..
  • Designed conceived, engineered and hosted by fellow historians for you and your history project.

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