The London Low Life mapping project is part of the Adam Matthew Digital Collection.

      • The purpose of the project was to show the lower, seedier aspects of Victorian London by combining it with a mapping project, whereby 30 historical maps of London are superimposed over a modern open street map.
      • The maps can be explored thematically, for example use the maps to explore where the asylums and hospitals were or the bawdry houses.
      • The project also allows researchers to examine change in the city and so it’s title of London Low Life is a little misleading because it offers so much more.

By combining the maps with the John Tallis London Street Views from 1838, they have managed to produce a Victorian ‘street view’. The Tallis street views show the fronts and facades of London properties and you feel as though you are walking in the streets as you take a panoramic look around.

You can drag maps around and zoom in, you can adjust the opacity of the older map showing a gradual fade between eras.

It is a great resource but alas for many of us only available to view in libraries and universities that have purchased the collection.

You can see the collection at the British Library but not online, you need to visit in person….

So get a sneaky look and it might inspire you to make the visit…



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