Our twitter feed will be displayed on home and resources (news pages) in summary. Why bother with twitter well it takes all sorts to make a world.

It’s instant concise (limited to 140 characters) has shortneed urls with a brief comment only and the content is different to our site posts.

Good for instant updates because:

  • easy to follow on a mobile or smartphone Apple Ipad or Android etc
  • quick updates and news items from the wider press covering intriguing historic themes and topics of itnerest
  • you can dip in and out in a few seconds as suits
  • content will be different on our Twitter feed than on the websites, now and again we might mention a particular article but you will get different news and references to wider media journals sites and press from these links.
  • We will mention events, and local history resources frequently.
  • # Hashtags will be established for themes and topics over time
  • You can use twitter on your desktop or laptop too, it is free to use see www.twitter.com/intriguingfh
  • You can message us direct and quickly with a DM (direct message via Twitter) using our handle @intriguingfh
  • we will only summarise a few latest messages on the pages to get a full feed simply use the join button on the pages!

So take a look and see what is out there in the twitter community, unlike facebook you get to see just what you choose to follow not all and sundry…so it is as focused as you choose to make it.


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