The Guild of One-Name Studies, Brilliant Idea dn Execution using Livestream: how we can all use these type of capabilities to connect virtually (over the Net) the disparate groups of family local and social historians and many more who would like to share and engage with one another.

I am a ‘new member’ not able to attend the conference due to dates clash.  So I took a look at a brilliant service offered for the first time this year by the at #GOONS2012

  • #GOONS2012 is the hashtag for the event if you wish to track conversation on Twitter, think of it as a dynamic bookmark, so you can follow the conversation around a particular event or topic.
  • The GOONS Twitter handle / user name is @GuildOneName, you can follow from there, its an excellent and voluntary organisation that helps to spread the word and knowledge about one name studies.

Here are some of the features you can enjoy from the Livestream enabled event, see the screenshot or if you spot this post over the weekend of the event click on the link to see the live streaming. What a great way for a knowledge enabling organisation to put out the word! Congrats to the innovators at GOONS!

So here are some key points as to the features this service provides:

  • streamed video and audio, you can view on a small or larger screen
  • switch to full screen
  • full social networking integration
  • interactive chat via one or more channels
  • Facebook chat and sharing
  • Twitter sharing and conversation
  • Ability to create channels of events and topics ina  sries of broadcasts
  • Able to embed and write articles and web posts around the broadcast, you do that using the simple embed of code snippets, that you just copy and past, see our news item into the web post or page as an example
Keep in touch and lookout for our IT and Web Resources for you and your history project.





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