“Do you have any German links in your family…”

No thats not a quote from John Cleese in Faulty Towers ,  the story of German immigration to the UK goes back a very long way, with the first Germans having believed to have come across with the Romans

Countdown in days now for the doors opening at the WDYTYA Live   2012, Hope you have got your tickets! Keeping you updated we have been looking at some friends and colleagues who are also exhibiting this year and taking a fresh look at where they can help and assist and the particular strengths and use of their products and services. There is quite  arrange to look at so well worth making a short-list. You can find us on Page 47 of the Show Guide and our Stand is 415 on the Ground Floor towards the DNA Workshop and Our Working Past

Links to our german ancestors are often more recent and complicated by sensitive matter of pre and post-war relationships, sometimes internees found love and kindness despite the war, and of course this also happened with Italian and other nationalities. This year you can start to map your intriguing german connections with a little help from us and our friends from the ‘Anglo – German Family History Society’ on tables 65-66.  

  • get some help to explore  their database of 500,000 names and they will give you all the support you need to find your German ancestors. It’s a great friendly and collaborative atmosphere at this show, not like many trade exhibitions, there is a lot of enthusiasm and good will, even when it gets very busy…
  • The largest single influx of Germans into London happened around 1708/09, when, for political and religious reasons between 13,000 and 15,000 Germans settled here. Few of these remained here because of continued persecution.
  • Migration is a theme we are exploring on Intriguing History, if you have a particular interest or knowledge in this area we would love to help and exchange info, not just because it is a fascinating subject in itself and relevant to many family and local history project but also we share some interesting migrant threads in our own family stories. Its amazing when travel was so much tougher, expensive an punishing on health that so many were prepared to take the risks for the search often for a better life.
  • The largest number of immigrants came in the 1800’s, whether to stay or whilst in transit as they made their way to America.

All absolutely fascinating, sign up for free and let us keep you up to date with daily news and resources about migration and help us collate our joint knowledge about how to further explore any German connections.  

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