Intriguing Connections: curate,collect and connect your history project online






Combine Intriguing History with your own family, local or special interest collection or history project you can map, plot, catalogue curate and narrate your own project on your own unique website, hosted and configured and managed by IFH (Intriguing Family History.) You can use the service hassle free and without needing to be a tech geek or nerd, unless you want to…

  • Your Intriguing Connections project and website will help you document share, research and explore patterns and information that are all too difficult to manage just on paper and with multiple sources of original and secondary sources.
  • Sharing what we have learned and making available an easy to use solution that enables you to focus on what matters most doing your research, identifying new information understanding sharing and communicating what it means.
  • With the benefit of Google Bing and the search engines you can also find and connect with others who are interested engaged and happy to exchange information and that works worldwide…

Take a look at an example  intriguing connections project, it is a One-Name study recently registered with the One-Name Guild, very much an on-going and live project, it will give you the idea of how you might consider your own project.

If you would like to discuss how we might help you with your Intriguing Connections Project, then just contact us here

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