Another intriguing social history showing how the demographics of a given road ebb and flow over time. These 6 programmes by the BBC are excellent. If you have an interest in gaining some insights in to a range of roads and how they have changed over time post their first categorisation by Charles Booth, then these are great. If you have any family history linked to London they will be are of great interest to you.

With the summer of celebrations started by the Queen’s diamond Jubilee and the historic Olympics to follow, the BBC have grabbed the chance to provide in quite rapid release a wide range of capital city history programmes. They definitely get you thinking, whether you have historic links to London or not.

So here are some BBC Iplayer links you might like to not miss:

  • BBC Episode 1 of Secret History of the Streets of London 
  • BBC Episode 2 Camberwell Grove:  this take a look at a middle class road that’s fate changed but has come full circle as a listed road very much protected by it’s long term occupiers.
  • BBC A Tale of Two Cities with Dan Cruickshank which takes a look via the work of two famous chroniclers and surveyors of London Life (Stow and Strype) from the beginning and end of the 17th Century. This gives a further perspective on the origins of modern London and how it emerged despite civil war, plague and fire. It looks at what make London not only survive but go onto thrive to be one of the most important cities in europe. It is well worth a view if you a re interested in the work of Charles Booth and the current BBC Secret History of Our Streets then use this to contrast and dig a little deeper.

For us this has led us to look at some of the Intriguing People and personalities that made London what it was and is, who they were, where they came from and what their impact and connections were to London. All colour to your own social history survey for your own history projects whether they are social, local or family history orientated.  We will also be building out  our Timeline of What Made London throughout the summer and you can track the related posts on Intriguing History People and Personalities as they emerge…

Lots of great resources for you to explore during this summer of history and get ready for pushing ahead with your own projects come September!

Remember BBC I Player replays are often time-limited, so make sure you don’t miss them


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