BBC as ever always do a great job of general coverage, would be good if this had a more dynamic (updating content library that sits behind it) but the content seems to be a bit static. Worth a look tog et a feel for what an interactive timeline can do for your history project.

It is worth a look as a general orientation of historic context and the breadth of cover is of course substantial. The content it links too is a bit general and dumbed down seems to target schools market and more of a primary education level, which is fine but really we are all looking for something a bit more detailed and engaging interms of media that it links to.

With a Factual programme and history back-catalogue as good as anyone seems a shame this is not a bit more engaging, but its easy to criticise when someone has already done so much work…

  • To get a feel for how it works, we have included a short YouTube Screencast/Video you can play, to get an overview for how the timeline works, then try the links further down the page…

Time frame It does cover a very long time and in particular the period 1750 forward which is what most family rsearchers require, has sub themes for two or three strands, Women’s Rights etc.

  • It doesnt link and switch to maps, which is a shame but there are other specialist and powerful timelines emerging from specific History Programmes and Series, so we will take a look at those  in the coming posts.
  • For Mac users Ipad etc, it is a Flash type interface so check it works on your device and version of the OS.
  • Smartphone users: the interface wont scale to a small screen easily you need at least a Tablet screen
  • Way Forward: 

 Link to BBC British History Timeline: for more resources tools and techniques take a look at some more Intriguing Resources.

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