Resources for family local and social history projects includes archives, collections, galleries and museums online and the physical resources and exhibits themselves.

The protection of ideas yields new important collections: Steve Jobs Patent artefacts @ Smithosonian

Steve Jobs honoured with Smithsonian Patent exhibition, what is the significance and resonance with you and your history project….what were the historic origins of intellectual property, copyright and licensing designs, so much of industry still relies on this protection what will happen going forward in an open world where everyone has access to the same knowledge, the start of a series of articles…. more

How can you build your own personal online art collection and maybe find some new and intriguing resources and information to enjoy and inform the research for your history project!. Automating some legwork sure worked for me, it is a bit like fishing you need to be patient but it yields results and does much more searching than you could do manually, take a look at the Painting I found for my One Name Study. more

Take part in the Victoria & Albert Museums wedding photo database, a great way of collecting and sharing historical data about your family history and making it available to all more

Gutenberg Project Free Ebook Resources

Gutenberg Project 38,000 Free Ebooks for all, legitimate and great research resources non-fiction as well as fiction. Over 100,000 books with partners and affiliates, it is a great resource for historians. Thanks to it’s late founder Michael S Stearn… more

Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land

Roots of our history stems from the ancient Holy lands, the three great world faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, this project maps the history of the Crusades. Mapping history, with great graphical tools this resource has got to be worth a browse. The linkages to later history are very helpful in understanding the context in which life in western Europe develops…

The University of California, interdiscipinary study of art, architecture and archaeology alongside the Geo-Archaeological Informations Applications Lab at Arizona University, have developed an international project to do just that.

They have created a digital atlas that brings together expertise from many disciplines, there are 10,000′s of archaeological sites mapped, photographs and maps, which you can search at will.

The stated intention is that the atlas will ‘harvest, analyse and disseminate settlement pattern and new archaeological data for each key period of cultural change in the region‘. more

Medieval Names 1450-1600

Medieval Names 1450-1600

A look at a website drawing together a list of Medieval names, fascinating for the family historian

Human Genetics and Genomics: The Science for the 21st Century

Human Genetics and Genomics: The Science for the 21st Century

A science spin for family historians looking at the next steps for the human genome project.

Interactive Map of Isabella Bird Explorer

Interactive Map of Isabella Bird Explorer

Interactive mapping for local, social or family history projects can be easily learnt using our tool kits. Explore history through interactive maps