This digital project for the area of Handsworth just outside Birmingham in the West Midlands was once in the county of Warwickshire.

    • Handsworth has a very interesting history, ┬áit was swept up into the industrial city of Birmingham in the mid to late C19th.
    • The Digital Handsworth Project is a neat little idea, providing a multimedia resources guide to the history of the area.
    • It seeks to capture and preserve a range of ephemeral resources that on their own have no context but when pulled together make up a fascinating history.

You can access the archive several ways, by keywords, maps, themes or as shown below timelines.

Timelines can be a valuable tool for family historians, capturing events specific to a certain year, say the birth or death of an individual but creating a dynamic time line for an individual is a much more exciting project where you can include pertinent historical events in the lives of your ancestors.

Click on the annotated image to see part of the Digital Handsworth Timeline

Creating a dynamic timeline that is more than just a chronological list of events, is a very useful problem solving tool and we shall be writing about this as part of our Intriguing Family History ToolKit in the coming weeks, along with a review of the independent timeline packages that are available.

Take a moment to look through the Timeline For History Projects. We have collected a number of timelines covering a wide range of areas and themes which could prove useful to any history project.



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