Free EBOOKS from Gutenberg with many titles useful to any historian there are already 38,000+ title, 100,000 + with partners and affiliates, available in a range of ebook formats includes Epub and Kindle, you can download or read them online.. 

There are many classic non-fiction as well as fictional texts. Michael S Stearn started the project, it is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers. If you find something that’s good now and again a small donation helps keep the project going. But it is a great project. ¬†Go to the Gutenberg Project to search and browse titles.

An eReader is a great asset for anyone reading widely for history and other interests, we use Kindle’s but as with Mac and PC much of that is a personal choice. You can use the Kindle with a PC and Mobile version so whatever device you have with you you can read and enjoy a great range of books.

The ¬†Gutenberg Bible is a reference to the earliest known ‘printed book’ in the west. It was predated only by the Korean Buddhist text the Jikji which is also included in the Unesco World memory Project.



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