Open Data and Linked Data so easy to access. Look it up using a web address (URL.) This is the master and internet pioneer himself (British) talking about making data easy to access and link.

Well worth a watch for a moment of ‘history in the making’ it’s also going to be a vital resource for anyone with family social and geographic/spatial history interests we believe.

Might seem a bit odd to be talking about future technology in a history site but this is going to be a major bonus for all of us needing data to explore our projects.

Watch out for future posts on Open Data, this is not blue sky thinking it is happening for real, see other posts to follow and take a look at some further resources. We will be providing new and toolkit information of how open data can help us all now, as well as in the future with our history projects…Remember the web was only invented in 1992…

Keep updated and informed about the art of the possible and share in our open and intriguing resources, watch this space

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